Multilingual web development

Effective multilingual support depends on the internationalisation and information architectures of a website. A website that will contain information in community languages should be build from the ground up to support languages. Retrofitting websites for language support is resource intensive, and can be complex and time consuming. We can assist you in specifying your requirements for a new website.

We develop websites with content in community languages, providing unique solutions with an emphasis on high quality multilingual web typography. Alternatively we can support the digital agencies and web developers you currently use, providing specialist expertise, enhancing multilingual support within your website.

We provide solutions for:

  • new and emerging languages;
  • multilingual web typography;
  • user experience issues for multilingual content;
  • internationalisation solutions for legacy content management systems; and
  • Content management systems based translation workflows.

Globalisation, internationalisation and localisation

Enabling languages specialises in web globalisation, internationalisation and localisation with international expertise in new and emerging languages and lesser used languages on the internet.